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Posted On: September 19th, 2011 in our Banc News, Blog, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engines category

In a month where Yahoo has sacked their chief executive, Google has announced yet another handy little change to its search results.

Previously, Adwords ads would only bring back one or two lines of sitelinks, or an embedded link to the full ad text, but now users can get a third line of links that provides them with even more options.

This new feature will usually only come into play if an advert is found to be the perfect match for a search query, which will normally include a brand name. The user will not only have the opportunity to head for the homepage, but also six other subsections of the site that may help them with their query.

A sitelink is created by an advertiser along with its main text, and currently they can create ten, of which Google would select the ones it deemed the most relevant and display them. These advertisers will now be positively affected by the fact that they will now be able to get up to 60% of these sitelinks displayed at any one time.

While Google unveils its latest helpful new feature, the news at Yahoo is somewhat gloomier as we reported earlier this month.

Chief Executive Carol Bartz is out after the board agreed to remove her from the post. She had been in the job for two-and-a-half years, and will be replaced by Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse on an interim basis.

Yahoo has fallen way behind Facebook and Google in the lucrative search and social networking markets, leading to advertisers jumping ship and users developing a widespread apathy towards the company. Experts have suggested that Yahoo lacked a real focus under Bartz’s leadership, leading to a decreased potential for long term revenue.

Worrying times then, for one of the pioneers of the online search business, as they slip even further behind their ever improving rivals.

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