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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We need time to think. It’s an important part of the process. With thinking comes questions, problems and solutions, ideas, options and in the end clarity and decisive action.When we think about your SEO campaign, we are thinking about how we help you to achieve your business goals and objectives. Your requirements determine the way we go about planning your SEO strategy.

Seasonality, annual business targets, competitor behaviour, other marketing activity all play a major part in the thinking process. And from this thinking, we agree an overall aim.

Once the thinking is done and just before the doing starts, we need to plan. This starts with the Strategy, a plan of action designed to achieve an overall aim.Our strategy for SEO starts with the single most important task, Keyword Research & Selection. Your keywords drive every element of your tactical approach and getting this right at the start is key to ensuring we deliver the overall aim.

Once we know the keywords, we write the Strategic Plan. This document outlines the key aims and objectives and the tactical plan within to achieve those aims.

Now work can begin on the doing. Creating a secure foundation for your SEO programme means getting the basics right on your website. If Google or any other search engine is going to rank your website for a given key word or phrase, then you will need to show them you are relevant and appropriate and more so than your keyword competitors.Our initial phase of SEO work includes a full technical audit of your website, with the selected keywords in mind. This document is sent to your web developer to implement. Following the Audit comes a Content Review and Audit of your BackLink profile.

The subsequent work carried out aims to improve your website textural content, in line with the SEO objectives and to make your website interesting enough for online publishers, bloggers and content writers to want to share your information with their readership, by linking back to you, inside a contextually relevant paragraph and pointing to the most relevant web page on your website.

The results from an Organic Search campaign are not instant as with Paid Search. However we can get a great deal of insight from the website analytics software. Information such as Visits, Sales, Revenue as well as Customer Behaviour, Seasonal Variances and Keyword Value.We can’t make decisions on how we amend the campaign tactics however until we have statistical validity. That means being patient, waiting for keyword positions to mature, for visitor numbers to increase, for sales and revenue data to grow. But once that validity arrives, we run a Test, Learn, Refine model of constantly tweaking and changing campaign tactics based on the data and its analysis.

Part of this review process includes monitoring of Website Optimisation, specifically. How do your website visitors behave on the website and how do we enhance the customer journey to improve conversion. This part of the overall aim of an SEO strategy is as important as driving new traffic. With increased conversion, comes an improved Return On Investment. That leads to growth and greater success.

“FADS selected Banc to manage our SEO and in the first 6 months the year on year growth was 119%, without a negative effect to conversion”

Marcus Gabbie.
Managing Director, FADS

Which SEO product is right for you?

We have two clearly defined SEO products; one for Medium to Corporate businesses and another for Smaller or Niche businesses (aka Banc ISA – Instant SEO Account). In both cases, the technical product delivered is exactly the same. That is, the way we structure, build and deliver SEO strategy & tactics to your website is the same.

What’s different? Well, the Banc ISA product is delivered online. You are allocated a dedicated SEO Executive and direct email address for communication. You receive ongoing advice, requests for changes and of course a monthly report highlighting performance criteria such as Keyword Position, Visitor Numbers and where possible Sales & Revenue.

If you fall into the Medium to Corporate bracket you also receive our Five Star account management service. This means that you are allocated an Account Director who is responsible for the overall delivery of your campaign and contract. You receive Face-to-Face regular meetings with your Account Director and the Head of SEO, with bespoke research, in-depth analysis, technical advice and full support throughout.

Budgets are flexible within both product frameworks and there is a direct correlation between investment and speed of results. In other words, the more you invest, the quicker you will see results.


Instant SEO Account (ISA)

Created for B2B, Niche and Smaller businesses, the Banc ISA or Instant SEO Account delivers a full and comprehensive SEO product with online customer service and named SEO executive from only £750 per month.

Please review the video below which explains the product in more detail.


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