12 Lovely Reasons You Should Work for Banc Media

At Banc Media, we’re currently looking to a fill a few vacant roles. To help management and the recruitment guys find the perfect SEO Executive, Business Development Manager and Account Executive, I have put together these 12 reasons why you should join the team.


If you’re concerned about the welfare of the NHS with the incumbent Tory government, Banc Media’s private healthcare cover could help protect you from a Breaking Bad-esque descent into meth production and peddling. All members of the Banc Media team are comprehensively covered by BUPA as an added bonus – fantastic for the clumsy and dry-skinned alike.

No Man-Bobs

Unusually for a digital agency in Manchester, we have no members of the team sporting the current hipster haircut of choice. PPC Manager Matt was dangerously close for a short while with his samurai cut – but we accepted his excuse that he was inspired by his years spent living in Asia with his Korean wife, rather than chaps who drink gin cocktails out of jam jars and ironically enjoy EDM.

However, as keen observers of the equality act we endeavour to give fair chances to any potential employees and candidates with a man-bob or top-knot.

Relaxed Interviews

If you’re the kind of person put off from applying for new roles due to a deep-rooted fear of interviews and anxiety about positive self-representation in a high pressure environment – please don’t worry. An interview with MD Martin is more akin to a chat with a family friend – discussing favourite books, childhoods and the cricket ground sat behind our office.

Although, I would advise you don’t just book an hour off work to come and interview hoping to get back to your current office – Martin’s informal interviews have been known to last significantly longer than one round of hot drinks.

Posh Lemonade

We all want to go to the grave knowing we have made a real and positive contribution during our time on Earth. When my time comes, my soul will be at rest knowing that it was me who successfully suggested the bosses stock that really nice posh lemonade from Asda in the communal fridge. Alongside tins of fizzy pop and classic juices, the posh lemonade is free for all to enjoy.


Proper Coffee

The discerning palates at Banc Media care not for instant coffee – only allowing posh filter coffee past our lips. We have a cracking little filter coffee machine and get our beans freshly roasted and ground from the top blokes over at ManCoCo. Carefully sourcing the beans from Africa, Central America, South Africa and Asia, the ManCoCo bunch date their batches so you know exactly how old the coffee is that you’re drinking.

…Look at this Guy!


Hardworking Mac Birchall isn’t satisfied with just coming in on Bring Your Dog to Work Day, making regular appearances in the office when he thinks the work of the team is slipping.

Get Your Five-a-Day

Getting five portions of fruit or veg every day can be difficult when you work all day and it is just a lot easier to order from Just Eat when you get home than cooking from fresh. Fortunately the Banc office is continuously re-stocked with fresh fruit to give yourself a head-start on your daily intake of healthy eating. Alongside the usual suspects of apples, oranges, bananas and grapes – rare beasts such as mangoes have been known to make an appearance.

Grand Location

Even Kirsty Allsopp would be delighted with our fantastic location, just outside the city. Easy to reach by car and public transport, we have team members from posh Cheshire, Bolton, Wigan, Central Manchester and basically all-over-the-spot making the commute on a daily basis. Management even allowed Wiganer Sam to alter his working hours so he misses the traffic.

Just a couple minutes’ walk from Old Trafford Metrolink station, the office is really easy to reach on all the tram lines – from Altrincham to Wythenshawe.

Mixed Clients

From the NHS to international airlines; we deal with a wide range of B2B and B2C clients from an incredible selection of industries. Perfect for people currently working client-side looking to diversify their skills and knowledge, the range of industries we work with ensure the jobs are never boring and are always challenging.

The level and standard of the work we complete means we are incredibly involved with all our clients and their industries – I now know more about cruise ships than I ever thought there was to know.

Relaxed Atmosphere

If your current workplace is akin to this:

…and you want to work somewhere a little more relaxed and respectful; Banc Media may well be the company for you. Encouraging conversation and friendly discourse, the management has a firm belief that happy and emotionally-fulfilled workers are productive workers.

This discourse has been known to veer from SEO and PPC to the nuances of racial identification in a progressive society and Curtis Davies’ height (I still maintain Wiki is wrong on this matter).

Strict Finishes

Unlike many competing agencies, the Banc Media team aren’t subjected to evil stares and whispered digs when we choose to leave on time. When the clock strikes 5.30 (and earlier on Fridays), the team up sticks and go home – no unwritten rules stating that you’re expected to stay past home time and even bed time.

Additionally, an hour long dinner break means an hour long dinner break at Banc Media – not shovelling a salad into your mouth whilst still working.

Beer, Bowling and Burgers

Quarterly team trips to All Star Lanes are enjoyed by one and all as the management opens their wallets and treats us to food, bowling and unlimited beers (Zombies for Dave). Winners of the bowling are awarded the coveted Banc Media Bowling Pin trophy, as modelled by the three-time reigning champion at the bottom of the page.


For more information about the individual roles, visit the Banc Media Careers page or email us at [email protected] with a cover letter and a CV.