5 / 1= 1 Month

Week 5.  Or should I say MONTH 1?! Yes, I’ve officially worked at Banc Media for one month now. It seems like yesterday I came here for my first day, nervous but excited at the same time.

So yes, it’s been a month now, a period when not only have I developed as an SEM company employee, but also as a person. This internship proved to be the best start in my career and I certainly hope I’ll continue to be part of Banc Media team at the end of the twelve months program. If the next eleven months will be anywhere near as challenging and captivating as this first month, then I couldn’t be happier.

And I know this will be the case. Why? Because I already planned my future in Banc Media and created some short and long term targets to achieve. To make it official and prove my commitment I will make them public: I will take the AdWords Fundamental and Advanced exam by the end of September and plan to learn German by March 2011. As one of our clients is expanding into Germany, what better way of proving to them how good we are than by tailoring our model according to theirs?

So, there you go. I’ll keep you posted on any developments in any of these areas.

Now, a short recap of what I’ve achieved meanwhile. It’s been an extraordinary month, for me and Banc Media.  I got to know PPC and SEO way beyond any textbooks. Nothing compares with actually working on these campaigns. Emma, our PPC manager kept me involved at every step of a PPC campaign: from finding relevant keywords to bid on, to creating Ad Texts to reporting on performance. And I really mean performance. I can now identify Ad Groups that were under-performing and know how to find ways to improve them.  I have created appealing Ad Texts and run weekly, daily and now monthly reports, which I have enjoyed contributing to.

On the SEO side, Neil and our SEO managers always kept me busy with Keywords rankings (spectacular increases on a monthly basis), relevant keywords according to the monthly searches, search engine market analysis for several countries etc, always engaging my analytical and creative side at the same time.  I can now say that my knowledge of SEM has broadened considerably. Of course, I cannot go as far as saying I know everything, there’s always place for improvement and in this field new developments happen on a daily basis, but I am very pleased with everything I’ve achieved so far. However, the adventure begins from now on. Now that I have the information, it’s all up to me to take advantage of it and to utilise it in the best interest of our clients.

However, I must admit that my greatest achievement was to meet Banc Media and its people.  I could not have wished for a better company or better work colleagues. They are simply the best (even though we have different culinary and music preferences…).

We were looking the other day at improving the SEO campaign for our clients and the initial thought was the Social Media side. We all know how important a Blog is for a company’s image and identity. It says more about a company and its customers. If a company has a Facebook page or Twitter account, that’s also a good option, as long as they are regularly updated. Having fresh content uploaded to the site has a massive impact on SEO performance. So, please, all companies who want to succeed online, do create a Blog and interact more with your customers through these Social Media Tools.

Secondly, we would like to urge all companies to make a start on their Christmas period strategy. If you want to take full advantage of that period, you have to start planning now. Miracles cannot happen overnight. More about this topic next week.

Finally, the secret surprise I was telling you all about last week: brewing a tea and making the coffee. Ideally, coffee is made by pouring the milk first on top of the coffee, stir it well and then add the water gradually, stirring continuously. As far as tea is concerned, things get complicated. Pour boiling water in the mug near the top. Drop the tea bag and count to twenty. Do NOT squash the tea bag against the mug. Once the twenty seconds are over, take out the tea bag immediately, without letting it drain. Now stir anti-clockwise while pouring the milk (just a bit, otherwise it will be too milky). Serve while hot. Enjoy!  (Courtesy of Martin Cozens, Banc Media’s MD).

I hope you enjoyed reading my posts during this first month and found this journey as exciting as I did. More of these soon to come so keep an eye on us.