Essential Search Engine Optimisation

We’ve seen on the news recently that Britons spend almost half of their waking life consuming media and communications, with the Internet driving half of it.

Apparently, almost half of us make an online purchase at least once a week and we all use the Internet as the main channel for socializing, purchasing and looking for information (research).

Therefore, it is essential for companies to ensure that their website presence is up to scratch in order to take advantage of this. And the most effective way to drive new customers to your website is via an SEO campaign.

Why use SEO? SEO is an investment that supports long term, economical growth for your business as it will generate higher volumes of targeted, relevant search traffic to your website and strengthen your brand association.

An SEO campaign optimises a website and increases its popularity online by linking it with other topic-related websites. All for one goal; to appear on the 1st page of Google (and other popular search engines like Yahoo and MSN) for the company’s target keywords, in order to attract more visitors (Clicks) to the website, who ultimately become customers.

Banc Media recommends using a professional SEO agency rather than doing it in house. However, many companies still prefer to do it themselves thinking that this gives them greater control over the process. The reality is different: by outsourcing the SEO campaign to a professional SEO agency, companies will benefit from the agency’s level of expertise, ability to build up upon current results, constant availability and up to date information in the SEO domain.

Furthermore, managing the process in-house leaves you exposed to risk; What if your SEO executive is on holiday, sick or leaves the company?

Now that we emphasized the benefits of letting a specialised agency perform the SEO campaign, we will provide some guidelines that should be followed when choosing the best SEO agency. Here are Banc Media’s recommendations:

1.    Before speaking to an SEO agency you should do some of your own research so that you are knowledgeable ahead of your conversation. Try using free tools such as Google Traffic Estimator and Google’s Keyword tool. You can find out how much search traffic is out there for your target keywords and how competitive they are.

2.    Talk to a select number of companies so that you get a broad range of proposals without too much confusion.  You may need flexibility in contract and pricing and large agencies do not generally offer this.  Having more than one price/offering will also give you negotiating power. This leads us to the most important step.

3.    Be wary of those promising the moon on a stick – for example guaranteeing Position 1 keyword results within a month, for a very low fee. You’ll soon understand that a cheap SEO investment is a poor investment.

Andy Edwards, Banc Media’s Sales Manager explains why Point 3 is so important:

I’ve spoken to countless companies that have picked the lowest price over real quality when deciding which SEO company to choose and were then surprised at the lack of quality results.

If you know the competition is high in your sector you will need to invest in a SEO agency that is completely transparent and up front about what you can achieve with your budget.”

And who else better than Banc Media to ensure the success of your SEO campaign? Banc Media has an excellent track record in SEO (see our Case Studies), by providing targeted solutions for each individual client, having its client’s business objectives in mind at all times.

Moreover, Banc Media has a completely upfront and transparent approach to SEO giving detailed insight into the SEO process and the steps to success.

We’ve helped many companies by delivering outstanding results from SEO and PPC.  Our approach is Strategic as well as Tactical, so we get to know the client business first and understand the company objectives.  Then we set out a plan to deliver on those objectives in the most economical way,comments our MD, Martin Cozens.

We would be delighted to talk to you about your online marketing requirements.  We understand the whole spectrum and consult on website development and hosting as well as Search Engine Marketing and Social Media.

For more information or to request a free SEO or PPC Audit, Contact us Now on 0845 459 558 or email [email protected] and we will call you right back.