From Search Apprentice to SEO Executive

DavidAlmost 16 months have passed since I first started working at Banc Media. It’s been challenging, surreal and exciting all at the same time. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned during my time here. When I first applied for a ‘search apprentice’ position online I had no idea what SEO was. I didn’t expect anything to happen but within a few days I was invited for an interview. I came in expecting to be told to go away but what happened next really surprised me. I was taken in by Banc and over the next 12 months I’ve learned everything there is to know about SEO. It was challenging at first but my determination got me through it and with the help of some amazing people I managed to finish my apprenticeship.

Fortunately, my hard work paid off and I was offered a proper job. Me, the guy who had no idea what SEO was a year earlier. I was now an SEO executive. My new skills and knowledge allowed me to provide excellent service to our clients, which at the end of the day makes me feel very satisfied. Knowing that my work has made a difference feels great! Apart from managing a few of my own clients, I work closely with the rest of the SEO team, making sure that all of our clients are getting the most out of their campaigns. We’re a great team and it shows in our work. We support each other in every way possible, which makes coming to work much easier and way more exciting.

Honestly, I still can’t believe that it’s been over 16 months since I first started here. My journey from a search apprentice to an SEO executive was rather exciting and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Here’s a video made a year ago, documenting my experience as an apprentice:

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