I’m All Of A Flutter


I love it when the big boys buy up a smaller company to add to its organisation.

I love to hear that companies that were founded only a few years ago, like Flutter were in San Francisco, and have built up from nothing are now being sold for millions and making founders and employees very wealthy.

The latest in this line of acquisitions is Google buying Flutter.  They haven’t said for how much yet which is a bit of a let down. I like seeing big numbers and imagining the owners jumping into piles of cash Scrooge McDuck style.

Flutter is a nice bit of kit. Allowing users to control music and movies with hand gestures instead of the pain-staking task of actually pressing a button. I like the idea of it but I’ll hold off on a full review until I’ve time to take it for a full road test.

The site and branding of Flutter is cool. I love the pop art style and although the design is no Roy Lichtenstein it certainly satisfies aesthetically, helping to keep the product as easy to understand and to start using as it should be.

The next thing is to ask “What will Google be using this for?”

Well it can be used now to control your iTunes and Netflix accounts and it will probably be integrated into future Google products such as Chromebook laptops and Nexus handheld devices.

My colleagues in the office may look at me a little funny as I control Spotify this afternoon using various hand gestures. I’ve never even used X-Box Kinnect so this could be fun; profanity gestures will be kept to a minimum.

The software was predominantly for Apple but windows now supports it. I’ll stick with Apple personally. There were rumours that Apple were looking to acquire Flutter in 2012 but I suppose they snoozed and Google stepped in.

Google Glass is the buzz product at the moment so maybe we can expect to see this technology integrated there somewhere?

One of the areas where this could be very useful is to help people who are unable to use a regular keyboard and need assistance. It could be something more than just another toy for us to play with. It could be helpful in making peoples lives that little bit easier.

One thing is for sure, Flutter will certainly become better known than it was last week. As Co-founder and ex Google employee Navneet Dalal said “We’re excited to add their rocket fuel to our journey.”

That’s a nice way to put it. Google certainly do have some high performing rocket fuel. The only thing I want to know now is the money involved. It’s more fun when lots of zeros are talked about.

The app is available here, it is free to Windows users and £2.99 from the Apple store so you should get it now, play around with it and look forward to whatever Google are going to do with it next!