Monica’s Blog. Week 7

Week 7:  Here we go!

First on the agenda this week, my moment of fame…

I’m sure you’ve all read by now the MEN article on Banc Media and the Manchester University Graduate Internship Programme, with my picture at the heart of it. I bought many copies to satisfy all my friends, as well as my family outside Manchester who requested to see it. It’s a brilliant article that commends the very good relationship between the University and Banc Media.

By the way, there’s a Banc Media newsletter ‘Search Matters’ due to come out soon. Feel free to subscribe to it to be updated with everything that happens at Banc and in the SEM world.

Secondly, a massive WELL DONE to our SEO department for their excellent results on every campaign they run. Cruise 1st and The Orchard Group Case Studies prove that ‘Banc Media – SEO specialists’ is not just a title on a piece of paper. It’s a real skill, backed by plenty of evidence.

Now, it’s time for an update for my work at Banc…

As mentioned last week, we delivered our monthly SEO reports to our clients. The results were absolutely fantastic. On a monthly basis, 12% more visitors cruised into Cruise 1st website thanks to our brilliant SEO team, 18% more visitors for De Bono Foundation, and these are just a few of the examples. I could go on, but I do have a word limit for my blogs, I’m afraid :-).

Talking about Cruise 1st, it’s worth mentioning how important it is for an SEO campaign that the web developers of the site and the SEO specialists work together.

For a website to be ranked in top 5 positions on the first page on Google, it has to be faultless. There must be no duplicate content, it has to be hosted on an SEO friendly platform and it is vital that it’s updated regularly. Cruise 1st have taken into account all our recommendations and the results have improved accordingly (66% more bookings from SEO, year on year)!

But our brilliant reports are not the only reason why all our clients love Banc Media this much. What matters the most are our clients. We cannot stress how important their feedback is. Having such a close relationship gives us the chance of a better understanding of their business needs and goals, and ultimately, this is transformed into an efficient SEM campaign.

Keeping our clients happy and in full control, and aware of any developments in their campaigns is our number one priority.

I must finish now since there are plenty of ‘things to do’ in my list for today and I don’t want to fall behind with my duties. However, keep an eye on us. Next week, we’ll have a special Blog post by a very crucial person in the Banc team.

Monica Cozma