Steph Farrow: My First Month at Banc

I was asked to write a little summary of my first month as Content Marketing Manager at Banc and am honestly contemplating where to start with what has been a truly fantastic whirlwind few weeks.

Maybe the bizarre foodie nicknames that range from Big Soup to Spare Rib should be my opener, or maybe the poo emoji cushion that greeted me from my chair on my first day, or even the numerous egg-related stories the employees of this agency have to share. Any of these would be very valid starts I’m sure you’ll agree.Poo emoji cushion

However, I’m going to start with what struck me most within minutes of being in the office, no not the explicit grime playing on the SONOS system, but the overall ‘vibe’. Not just saying it, but this group of people are some of the loveliest and equally most talented I have met. They have been nothing but friendly, warm and encouraging from day one, and I am pushing myself to be a better team player, for them.

I have gradually been introduced to my clients, and what the departments, other than my beloved content, do at Banc. I had a training session on our budget sheet that admittedly made me want to cry (I will conquer you Excel), and have been taken out for a lovely team lunch somewhere hipster (naturally) down the road from the office.

Speaking of the office, wow what a space! Lovely, light and spacious with break-out spaces and handmade furniture (crafted by the fair hands of Nadia’s husband, Mark) as well as a kitchen stocked with all the snacks a five-year-old could ever dream of. I’m talking crisps, chocolate and every fizzy drink you’ve ever heard of. It’s also worth noting there’s an abundance of fruit, popcorn, nuts and healthy snacks, but honestly who cares about those?! My intake of Freddos and Irn Bru has most definitely quadrupled in the past month #sorrynotsorry.

Collage header

“Cut to the chase Steph, what actual work have you been doing?” I hear you cry and my answer would be a bit of everything, which is why this is absolutely my perfect role. I’ve written content strategies, scheduled social posts, attended meetings, completed some Google training, written proposals and been in touch with numerous lovely bloggers. I’ve been kept busy for sure, and fear this is only going to increase in the coming months!

The difference with this role in comparison to past positions I’ve held is that the busy nature of the business, and the stress that comes as part and parcel with that is exciting, rather than overwhelming. Being part of this crazy bunch is addictive and you want to do a good job not only for them but our lovely clients.

Enough of that, I’m guessing you want more of the fun stuff, am I right?

So, two of the top five selling points (the other three shall remain a mystery) of this job are:

  1. Mac the dog is a regular feature in the office and I totally love him.
  2. Fridays – just a day filled with fun at Banc. We have alternate Friday afternoons off, a Friday raffle with top-notch prizes such as tequila, chocolate pizzas and poo emoji slippers (see a theme emerging?) and on the Fridays where you are in all day, pizza is ordered for lunch, amazing right?

I have been completely and totally welcomed into the Banc fold (no pun intended) and am excited to see what adventures my time here holds. Next up on the list of things to look forward to is an infamous Banc Bowling, Burgers & Beers Night Out and after reading my fellow Content Marketing Manager Jonathan’s account of the last night out, I’m excited!

If you’d like to chat to Steph about your content marketing needs send her an email: [email protected]