Team Profile: Jessica Wright

Conversing daily with a seemingly endless array of clients all around the world via telephone, email, Basecamp, Slack, AOL Instant Messenger, USB sticks sent 1st Class, and the Horn of Gondor; account executive, Jessica Wright, is simultaneously Banc’s tactful spokesperson and first line of defence.

With an accent containing traces of both her upbringing in the rough streets of Urmston, and her education in affluent Knutsford, Jess is the company’s universal voice – making all clients, visitors and well-wishers feel at home when visiting Banc HQ.


Joining the company at the end of 2015, Jess quickly settled into life at Banc – although she is not quite comfortable enough to sport her poo emoji slippers (thanks Secret Santa) around the office. Yet.

The proud holder of Banc’s prestigious ‘Best Office Lunch’ award, Jess can often be found plucking home-cooked beef bourguignon with seasonal veg or salmon en croute from the office kitchen fridge whilst the rest of us make do with noodle pots and Fries2Go. Jess has been earmarked for a big future in the industry thanks to this forward thinking and excellent use of leftovers.

And the unfortunate patron of the worst desk in the office, Jess is the first person seen by everyone stepping foot in Banc HQ clamouring for a steaming hot coffee, a signature for a parcel or just a chat. With an office move coming in the next month or so, rumour has it Jess is planning on camping outside the new office two nights prior to the big move, so she can secure a more favourable, out-of-sight, window-adjacent position.

Here’s how Jessica feels about working at Banc Media:

“Working with such a wide variety of clients from all different sectors means that no two days are the same. The team’s hard work, dedication and knowledge of the industry means that we’re constantly producing great results for our clients. I can honestly say I’m proud to be part of such a great team.”

Jessica is currently trying to calm her spaniel, Meg, to a respectable level so she can take part in Bring Your Dog to Work Day next June.

Quick Facts

  • Jess always says yes when shop assistants ask if she wants to keep the hangers with the clothes she purchases, even though she’s got far too many at home already
  • An unfortunate typo when coining a cheeky email address meant that a teenage Jess could be reached on [email protected]
  • Jess will buzz in with an answer when watching Pointless, despite watching the show at home and the fact there are no buzzers in the show
  • Three of Jess’ top five crisps for crisp sandwiches are McCoy’s, she won’t tell us the other two
  • Rather than chanting, Jess just mouths the words when we recite our morning ‘Pledge to Most Honourable Leaders, Martin and Neil’

You can get in touch with our lovely Account Management team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0345 459 0558