Team Profile: Matthew Taylor

©PENGART.COMPPC Manager Matthew Taylor is also Banc Media’s in-house DJ. Affectionately known as DJ Matt Cutts, his eclectic and progressive taste in music helps inspire his fellow workers to open their minds and explore new musical avenues. Creating an ambience well-suited to the workplace, Matthew’s musical offerings have been found to have a hugely positive impact upon the Banc team’s daily output.

Outside of work, Matthew likes to spend his time hiding his television set whenever he has guests over, so he never compromises his mantra that ‘television is for idiots’. His favourite hiding places include underneath the sofa and behind the life-size cardboard cut-out of the Kardashian family he procured from the old HMV megastore on Market Street.

Having lived in South Korea, Australia and Telford; Matt has found his spiritual home in Manchester. Attracted to the city’s vibrant top-knot culture and 1,071 hours of sunlight per year; Matt can often be found swaggering through the city centre like Liam Gallagher, and moping about at the Star and Garter’s monthly Smiths disco.

After working as an English teacher overseas, Matt has developed a passion for nurturing the development and academic progress of the next generation. Keenly stating that ‘children are our future’, Matt pleads with us all to be a little bit more compassionate and understanding in everything that we do.

Here’s how Matt feels about working at Banc Media:

“It’s a great envionment that lets you get on with your work without being micromanaged. It’s not a typical agency vibe – which is a good thing and the managers are really personable.”

Matt is currently working on a way to lend his PPC and DJ skills to the Jeremy Corbyn 2020 campaign. His electro version of Jeremy by Pearl Jam is quickly picking up momentum.

Quick Facts

  1. Matt was inspired to pursue a career in search marketing when an AltaVista search for the band Wet Wet Wet turned up a million pornography hits, and his mum cancelled their internet connection
  2. Matt coined the phrase ‘Multi-Basking’ – which refers to the act of basking in the glory of being an effective multi-tasker
  3. He loves quality banter
  4. Matt can’t remember 3D Doritos
  5. Matt has never seen an episode of Grand Designs in which the project was completed on budget

To discuss ways to improve your company’s  PPC strategy with Matt and the team, then please feel free to get in touch via  [email protected] or 0345 459 0558.