Team Profile: Sam Pennington

Sam PenningtonSkilled pasta-maker, Sam Pennington, ensures he takes at least seven and half hours out of his day to enjoy his other great passion, SEO. After a busy morning making pasta, Sam is the first one in the Banc Media office every morning – ready to greet us all with his winning Wigan smile.

SEO Manager Sam specifically requested that he be profiled this month as it is the last chance to label him as a foot-loose and fancy-free 20-something-year-old. Celebrating his 30th birthday this September, Sam has planned a month packed full of crying. So if you call the Banc Media hotline during the next month and are greeted by sobs and the incoherent apologies of an inconsolable man (in his 30s), that is Sam.

Foot-loose and fancy-free 20-something-year-old Sam joined the Banc Media team a little over a year ago and has set new standards since his arrival. Not only was he the first person in the office to try out a jacket potato from the (now sadly retired) jacket potato wagon, he remains the only member of the team to have tried a burrito from the new burrito wagon.

With both agency and client-side experience in a selection of e-commerce and digital marketing positions, Sam brings a vast array of SEO and CRO knowledge to the team. Every time Google throws a spanner into the works of any of our clients’ websites – Sam searches the extensive catacombs of his SEO experience for the most elegant solution.

Here’s how Sam feels about working with the Banc Media team:

“Banc Media has been a hugely positive move for my career, not only due to the regular delivery of Krispy Kreme donuts (plain or jam are the best, FACT). Furthermore, the range of clients for whom I get to utilise my experience and knowledge to its fullest potential, is vast and therefore allows for a diverse selection of challenges on a daily basis. Away from the clients, the atmosphere in the office is always interesting. With such a distinguished range of colleagues, spanning across all genre profiles – the choice of radio station and playlist is interesting, as are the football discussions (arguments).”

Sam is currently hoping we bring on anti-hangover treatment clients, so he can test any free samples and escape the dread of the true hangovers unknown to those in their 20s.

Quick Facts

  1. Sam hasn’t believed in true love since the Coronation Street storyline with Raquel leaving Curly Watts to work in Kuala Lumpur
  2. Sam hasn’t climbed a tree for ages
  3. He will watch Come Dine with Me when it’s on, but doesn’t really care for the show
  4. Sam’s favourite Bond is the bond between a man and his dog
  5. Sam makes his own pasta.

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