Week 4: here we go. It’s been a busy week at Banc!

I started working on two new SEO and PPC campaigns for the Production Team, did some finance for Banc’s Finance Department and researched potential markets for our clients on behalf of Client Services! However, I must admit that the most exciting part was using WordPress to update our Blog and in particular the strangely-titled editing toolbar “kitchen sink” (yes, it’s still amusing me even now).

It’s been a really good week at Banc Media. It was great having the whole team on board, with Martin and Emma coming back from holidays (don’t get me wrong; it’s not as if I didn’t enjoy the other’s company).

We worked around the clock all week. Many PPC and SEO reports needed to be done. Nothing new on that front. We are a great company and we’re always proud to report our excellent results to our clients. So, I won’t complain too much on that aspect.

Now, here’s the real news:

Banc Media made it into the press the other week, announcing our end of year results and plans for the future. But you could say that this is old news since you already knew we’re an excellent company on all fronts!

But besides that prepare for what comes next. I, myself will make it into the news!!! Manchester University Graduate Internship Programme called us this morning to ask us if we’re OK to have my story (and picture) in the MEN. Of course! Who would say ‘no’ to that?! As Neil said, this is one of the easiest tasks I’ll have at Banc: just be pretty for a picture. Being such a poser I’ll fully enjoy it…

Well, I must mention that everything will be from Banc Media’s and MGIP’s perspective, so you won’t read anything about my culinary disasters or my love for ducks (not crispy, but all lively and funny), BackStreet Boys or Robbie Williams. (Monica failed to mention her musical taste on her CV.  the outcome may have been different – ed)

You’ll read more about Banc Media, Manchester University and their partnership in supporting graduates in their future career. It should be a good read and we hope you’ll enjoy it (try getting your copy early in the morning because they’ll be selling like hot cakes).

I cannot finish before I give you an insight of what to expect next week: news about PPC, my weekly report and a massive surprise. Got your attention? Oh, just wait and see…