Work Experience at Banc Media

I’m Will, I am a 15 year old pupil at Bridgewater High School in Warrington and yesterday was my first day of work experience at Banc Media so I wanted to let everyone know how it went.


Walking into the office I could already tell that I was in a comfortable working environment. Banc isn’t your average office – it’s a fun place to be. On the walls and doors of the office were funky prints and cool designs. All employees are extremely polite and sociable, whilst remaining very professional.

First, I was taken into the boardroom where I was given an overview from Neil Birchall about the company and the job of each sector. I learnt how PPC and SEO work and the difference between them.

Board Room

I understood most of the information I was told. However, when I was unsure about something, Neil explained it again and made it very easy for me to understand.

All of my new colleagues are very easy to talk to, I asked them if they wanted drinks and I did not feel awkward, I felt as though I had already knew them. Even when I am doing my work or a task for somebody I feel comfortable, furthermore I feel no pressure when I am working and just get my work done to the best standard possible.

I sat down with Colin McDermott who explained in more detail about the SEO department and how they work. He introduced me to Google Analytics and how they track keywords and how you can look at the amount of searches per second. He also introduced me to the increase and decrease of searches relating to certain keywords and subjects related to the clients of Banc. He gave me some WordPress training and showed me how you can create your own website in a matter of minutes, then once the website was live how you make it SEO friendly and relevant for the keywords you want to rank for.

I definitely benefited from talking to Colin, this is because he introduced me to great software and taught me how search engines track the amount of searches.

Afterwards I spent some time with Head of Sales, Adam Barham. He gave me an overview about the department. He spoke about how to gain a client’s trust and how it’s important to work with a client and understand their needs. He told me that gaining the trust is a very important to the process of sales. He showed me a proposal and told me how he uses them by telling the company what they are doing well and things they should improve upon. He helped me to understand how to speak to a customer on the phone and how to approach them.

I spoke with Antony Simon about client management; he showed me an SEO report that he would send to a client, I was able to see what the company’s strong points were and also areas wherein they could improve.

I saw how cost-per-click can vary with the different keywords and how generic words have a greater competition and have an increased cost per click. I gained a good understanding about how to speak with your client, depending on what they want.

Finally I spent some time with Nadia and Chris. We spoke about how they promote websites using engaging content including blogs, images and video. I really enjoyed learning how to use to find great photos relating to our clients. They gave me a task to find some images. I really enjoyed doing this work.


As a whole, my first day at Banc Media has been great! I really enjoy talking to each employee about their area of work and learning new things about the business. I even got taken out for a great lunch.

I’m really looking forward to learning more and gaining as much experience as possible!