PPC drive 125% growth in sales to High on Bikes High on Bikes appointed Banc Media to address an issue of the declining number of sales  and revenue generated through PPC after attempts of in house optimisation of the Google Shopping campaign. High on Bike is the online only retailer specialising in parts, accessories and clothing for cycling enthusiasts offering a wide range of high quality products at low prices delivered to your door.
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    Since working with Banc Media, I have seen huge increases in my PPC revenue, together with large increases in visitor numbers, with conversion actually increasing consistently along the way. We’re now looking at ways to increase spend & drive even more revenue. A big thanks to the guys at Banc for helping me grow my business.
    High On Bikes
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The Challenge

The volume of sales and revenue are in decline following the management of the PPC campaign being taken in house. High on Bikes is an online-only retailer with Paid Advertising being the main source of the traffic to the site, meaning the main revenue stream was hit by the downturn in PPC performance. High on Bikes need to address the issue of decreasing sales and revenue as well as ensuring the PPC campaign is providing a positive Return on Investment.

The Objectives

The primary focus is to improve performance of the AdWords campaign after attempts in-house. The growth of revenue, sales and ROI is an essential part of the campaign.

Our Approach

Our approach to the campaign began with analysis of previous data, reviewing product performance and how this aligned with the seasonal trends. From this, we isolated the seasonal top performing products within Google Shopping and split this into regular AdWords campaigns for a two-pronged approach. Taking the current single ad group Shopping campaign, then splitting it into a product based, comprehensive structure. Segmenting product types, then splitting items at a granular level to focus more time and budget on the stronger performing ad groups to improve the efficiency of the account and ultimately increase Return On Investment. Promoting key sales on-site through AdWords with deep links to specific items and inclusion of promotional offers and discounts within ad copy. We also began targeting through Bing to attract any potential buyers using Bing.

Next Steps

The continual optimisation of the account reviewing Keywords, Landing Pages, AdCopy Performance, Sales and Revenue will determine the ongoing tactics to sustain the continual success and growth of the account.

The Outcome

Data based on November 2015 to January 2016 Year on Year   • 43% increase in Visitors from Pay Per Click • 125% increase in Sales from Pay Per Click • 119% increase in Revenue from Pay Per Click • 52% increase in Conversion Rate from Pay Per Click • 1.5% improvement in Cost Per Sale from Pay Per Click • 44% increase in Return on Investment from Pay Per Click
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