On average, we have increased conversion rates for our clients by 45%

Lufthansa’s newly branded PartnerPlusBenefit or PPB is now the world’s largest travel incentive program for companies, operating in over 130 countries and saving their members millions on their travel budgets every year.

  • Testimonial
    Results are everything and the Banc Media team has certainly provided results. Search Marketing is now our cheapest form of acquisition and thanks to Banc’s expertise we have seen an 80% decrease in costs with a staggering 550% increase in conversions since we started in 2010.
    Frank Wagner, General Manager - Lufthansa
    #1 out of 5

The Challenge

We’re now into our 4th year working with the Lufthansa team. After a very exciting first year where we achieved record growth and return, the challenge was how we continue to deliver real value for money. Furthermore, the re-brand was coming up and we had to prepare for what this meant for our Search Engine Marketing focus.

Our Approach

We had seen fantastic success in both the SEO and PPC campaigns and knew that we had to sustain that inside the constraints of any budgets set by the Client. With our website change recommendations being carried out professionally and effectively by the SACP external web team Kuehl Haus, we were able to concentrate on the external forces that would start to drive new traffic to the website. Content would be key as always for both website visitors and Google’s keen algorithm and we helped roll out a content programme that would support both areas. Of course with Pay Per Click, the focus was on keyword conversion, landing pages and improving all the small elements of the campaign. The devil is in the detail!

The Outcome

  • A successful roll out of the new brand and subsequent retention of keyword positions for SEO
  • Continued increase in online sales leads (SEO & PPC)
  • Continued increase in online sales leads (SEO & PPC)
  • Continued decrease in average cost per lead (SEO & PPC) A very happy client!
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