An SEO success story of ‘shattering’ proportions!

ShatterScreen appointed Banc Media in September 2012 after being recommended to us by an existing client. But we still had to develop trust and prove our worth with results.

A family business with over 30 years experience in Windscreen Repair & Replacement, ShatterScreen prides itself on its traditional values of honesty, integrity and value with full commercial focus to get the very best price for its customers whilst delivering the very best service.

  • Testimonial
    I am absolutely delighted with the results so far. Banc Media were true to their word and we hit the forecast target after 12 months which is incredible really.
    Max Bentham, Director - ShatterScreen
    #4 out of 5

The Challenge

ShatterScreen is an established business. They are well known in their industry for delivering exceptional service and quality. Managing Director, Max Bentham however knows the opportunity for growth is online as this is where he can attract customers from a much wider geographic area. However, he needed to partner with a Search Marketing specialist who understood his business and who matched the values of the family and who could drive much more business from Search Engines.

The Objectives

Through the sales process, Banc Media provided ShatterScreen with a traffic forecast. This data was processed by reviewing the existing website position in search engines and estimating the position in terms of new monthly visits after a 12 month period. This became the definitive success measure.

Our Approach

As with any new customer, we start with the historical data. Our traffic forecast had been built on understanding the current keyword positions and visitor numbers. We looked at where we could get some short-term success and in parallel how we were going to build for faster growth for the future. Working with the Customer website development team we got to work on bringing the website up to scratch so that it would be useful not just to its customers but also Google’s spiders. Furthermore we produced the content marketing strategy. This would require input from our Customer to ensure content integrity that matched the business and added real value to the website readership. Then we went about distributing that content to ensure that it was well-read and re-published via websites and social media outlets.

The Outcome

As with any SEO campaign, longevity creates success. We know that our methodology is sound, as we have achieved great results for many customers over the years.  However, there is a commercial pressure to show results from day one. As the data will show below, we had to be confident in our process that the growth would eventually come. The first 3 months saw modest growth, followed by a 3-month hiatus that had the MD, Max Bentham worried: “I was concerned. We had worked hard for 6 months and the results hadn’t transpired as I had hoped. But the Banc Team were confident it would change and they explained why.” Colin McDermott, Head of SEO recalls: “We were monitoring keyword positions. We could see that those target keywords that would provide new unique visitors and convert to genuine new business enquiries were on the move. But as ShatterScreen had done little SEO previously it was taking time. A keyword on Page 8 for example will generate little traffic, but as that keyword, week on week, climbs the ranks eventually the traffic numbers follow as they land on pages 3,2 and eventually 1. And this is what we see in March 2013 on the graph below; a culmination of those keywords reaching higher positions at the same time.”
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