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Content Strategy

Content strategy and audits form the backbone of a successful content marketing campaign.
  • Audits allow us to identify areas which need improveme...
Content Strategy

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“We have been delighted with the return on investment generated by Banc’s...
David Rowlinson, General Manager - Cruise1st UK
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Content Marketing at Banc

Content marketing is at the heart of Banc Media’s digital strategy. Our team of expert content producers work closely with our technical SEO team to create valuable and engaging content that increases online visibility and drives brand awareness.

We know that organic search delivers return on investment. That’s why we use an integrated approach that marries technical SEO with creative content production and amplification. The result? Quality, engaging content with tangible results.

Content is the backbone of our digital marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

All content is marketing. Whether it’s a reactive blog post, an in-depth e-book or an evergreen article, the content published on your website should build customer loyalty, brand awareness and value to your customers.

Consistency is a key driver of content marketing – we work closely with our clients month by month to deliver excellent content campaigns that work for their businesses.

What Makes Great Content?

Great content gives value to the reader.

We work with numerous industries, including:

  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Energy

All have different audiences with different perceptions of “value”.

Our team works to identify these target audiences, find out what motivates them and create content that makes them tick.

Complete Content Strategy

From content audits and strategy to content production, from outreach and amplification to monitoring and analytics, we look after all aspects of content marketing to ensure that the content we produce for clients stands out from the rest.

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To get more information about our content marketing product, call us on 0345 459 0558 or email [email protected].