Content Strategy
Content Strategy
Content strategy and audits form the backbone of a successful content marketing campaign.
  • Audits allow us to identify areas which need improvement.
  • Strategies integrate content production, promotion and monitoring to ensure that we deliver return on investment.
We take both very seriously.

Content Audits

Many clients come to us with content issues: thin or poor quality content, duplicate content, missing meta data, and more. We identify the problem areas, then work with our copywriters and SEO team to ensure that the solution is delivered on-time and fully optimised.

Content Strategy

Our content strategy process is carefully and thoughtfully implemented. We take the time to understand what our clients want from their content marketing campaign, who they want to target and what the unique challenges of their business are.

Then we’ll research the relevant target audiences. We want to know where they live online, how they behave, what they read and what they interact with – all of this informs our strategy.

We share our editorial calendar so that our clients know exactly what’s going on. And we have a clear plan for promotion and amplification.

Monitor, Analyse, Learn, Repeat

Our content is monitored and reported on each month – we know that there’s a degree of experimentation with content creation and we’re always keen to learn what works and what doesn’t for our clients. At the end of our campaign period, we analyse and learn, ready for a renewed content marketing plan.


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