E-Books & Infographics
E-Books & Infographics

A successful content marketing strategy should contain a mix of different content types. At Banc Media, we have a skilled content production team who can turn their hands to just about anything – from evergreen content to infographics, e-books and video content.


Numbers, stats and facts – infographics make data engaging and that’s why we love them at Banc Media! Done well, an infographic is a powerful content marketing tool; our designers work closely with our research team to create market-leading infographics that do more than just look pretty.


We create e-books that resonate with people. Downloadable and shareable, these in-depth content pieces are infinitely useful: they drive brand awareness, establish authority, help build email subscription lists and they don’t rely on a steady internet connection (so they can be downloaded and browsed through at leisure).


Take a look at your Facebook feed: we’re sure a decent portion of it is taken up by video content. Video delivers information in digestible chunks and works brilliantly on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, all of this brilliant content needs promotion, which is where our outreach team come in. You can read more about what they do here.


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