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Display Advertising
Display Advertising

Creating a genuine online brand presence while targeting on-the-fence customers, display advertising has become an integral part of a paid search campaign. Display advertising consists of the creation and implementation of a series of ads carefully placed throughout a network of websites – appearing in front of potential customers whose search history suggests an interest in the products/services on offer.

Display Advertising

Display ads can take many forms, from static banners to embedded videos, communicating the desired message and sharing a clear call to action. At Banc Media we will identify the best mediums to communicate the message, using our rich experience and arsenal of analysis tools, and then share these across the network of websites to reach the desired audience.

Display Remarketing

Perhaps the greatest benefit of display advertising is its ability to capitalise on your audience’s behavioural patterns. Targeting users who have already visited your website or used search terms relevant to your products/services; display advertising will only be seen by those who could realistically convert into customers.

At Banc Media, we will continuously monitor the messages projected by the display ads and the platforms on which they appear. By isolating top achievers and poor performers, we are able to streamline and optimise the display advertising campaign – ensuring total relevance and increased rates of conversion.

Display Targeting

Often providing a huge level of visibility at a relatively low cost. Coupled with the potential to be targeted directly to an audience with an existing interest in your brand/industry, this form of advertising can be an excellent form of lead generation.

The low cost of display advertising can also help create a sizeable brand presence, propelling your business to the forefront of your audience’s mind. Even if customers do not immediately heed the messages projected by the display advertisements, putting your brand in front of their eyes on a regular basis can increase the likelihood of future custom.

As with every aspect of paid search, we will work closely with you and your team throughout the campaign – identifying industry-specific opportunities.


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