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Paid Social Advertising
Paid Social Advertising

The social media stratosphere has evolved far beyond teenagers sharing carefully-filtered photographs and the song lyrics which inspire them so. The influence of social media now demands respect from marketeers looking for a platform upon which to appeal to their audience, with billions of potential customers permanently logged into their accounts.

A well-considered and intelligently-implemented paid social campaign can help your business benefit from the gathering crowds – advertising your products/services to an incredible volume of potential customers, as well as vastly increasing brand awareness.

Focussed Marketing

The beauty of social media is the volume of customers willingly airing their interests, dreams and desires – making it an absolute hotbed for focussed marketing and targeted advertising. It is possible to derive members of your desired demographic via social media information and credentials – allowing you to target specific age groups, nationalities, professions and interests.

This allows the Banc Media PPC team to unearth a large number of potential customers for your brand, and target them accordingly. Utilising social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube; Banc Media can reach out to a huge volume of traffic.

Going into even greater detail, it is possible to use social media to pinpoint lost sales – tracking the accounts of those who have entered your website but did not complete the customer journey. By tracking the lost sales and where users commonly exit your website, we can help tighten the entire customer journey.

Advertising in Lifestyle

With a wealth of content strewn across social media, it is important to ensure that paid social advertising fits in with the theme and the tone of the platform. The creation of paid social advertisements which sit comfortably alongside native content will project a sense of authority to users.

Using social media is a part of the daily lifestyle of billions of people around the world, and it is vital that this is not disrupted by advertisements if the paid social campaign is to be successful. Banc Media’s experienced PPC team can help create social advertising content which will sit naturally on the different social media platforms, generating leads and encouraging click-throughs whilst increasing brand awareness.

Every paid social campaign implemented by the Banc Media PPC team is completely unique and bespoke – targeting the platforms and demographics which will generate the greatest level of interest for each client.


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