Twitter Advertising, Targeting Increased Followers & Qualified Users To Your Site

Twitter Advertising
Twitter Advertising

Comprised of short, digestible nuggets of information; Twitter has become a paragon of 21st century marketing, perfectly accommodating our modern browsing practices. Businesses, small and large, are taking advantage of the global reach of Twitter, using the social media platform to direct potential customers towards their products and services.

With close to 350 million users around the globe, Twitter provides huge scope to help brands appeal to new and existing audiences. Clever utilisation of Twitter’s tools can add authority and personality to your brand, whilst exposing it to a new, massive audience.

Objective-Driven Campaigns

One of the major benefits of employing Banc Media to direct your business’ Twitter advertising campaign is the careful planning process, creating an objective-driven methodology. Our experienced PPC team will produce a goal-oriented plan of action, depending upon the main objective(s) of the overall campaign.

From building followers to driving visitors to your website, it is vital that the overall objective of a Twitter campaign is identified and agreed upon prior to the project commencing. This enables the Banc Media team to create a consistent, cohesive and effective Twitter campaign which never deviates from the main objective.

Rich Media Options

Despite Twitter being famed for restricting each entry to just 140 characters, it provides ample opportunity to employ a huge range of different rich media options – accommodating a sizeable selection of advertising techniques. Accommodating memes, GIFs, Vines and much more; there is a huge number of methods which can be used to capture your audience’s attention.

Banc Media’s PPC team can help create a unique Twitter advertising campaign, utilising the full extent of the platform’s functionality to capture the imagination and interest of a massive audience. Furthermore, Twitter’s functionality allows advertisers to target user accounts based upon location, interests, previous tweets and browsing patterns. This focussed advertising can streamline the process of reaching the relevant audience, maximising ROI.

Throughout a Twitter advertising campaign, we are happy to work closely with you – relishing your industry experience and knowledge as we shape the process and methodology of campaign.

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