Engaging Video Advertising To Customers Across YouTube Combined With A Host Of Tailored Targeting Features

YouTube Advertising
YouTube Advertising

The second most visited website in the UK (behind only Google), YouTube’s audience is vast, varied and perfectly positioned to click through to your website. With an estimated four billion YouTube videos watched every month, the site offers an incredibly powerful platform to distribute marketing content via video.

In recent years the reach of YouTube advertising has eclipsed that of television and print, with billions of users viewing an almost limitless selection of videos. The demographics of YouTube users are also hugely varied, providing excellent advertising opportunities for almost all industries and sectors – with all ages, locations and socio-economic groups represented.

Targeted Advertising

Despite the sheer volume of users watching YouTube videos, the platform’s greatest strength may exist within its targeted advertising capabilities. Rather than stabbing blindly in the dark, it is possible to employ targeting based upon your audience’s engagement and viewing patterns as well as age, gender and location.

The interest targeting functionality helps identify users who have previously shown an interest in your products/services (the affinity audience), as well as those who have demonstrated industry interest (the in-market audience).

Additionally, the topical targeting option allows you to advertise on videos which are pertinent to your industry/products/services. This will put your brand in front of interested parties when related topics are at the forefront of their mind.

Why Banc Media?

Delusions of simple profit have fooled many inexperienced users into venturing forth and placing advertising content on YouTube. However, the methodology behind profitable use of YouTube advertising requires an experienced head to determine effective keyword focus and identify CPV (cost-per-view) bargains which will attract interest and drive traffic.

Banc Media’s PPC team have accrued extensive experience advertising on YouTube, often in tandem with an effective Google AdWords campaign. This steady hand can protect your business against the most common pitfalls of YouTube advertising, whilst unlocking the potential of this incredible

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