Manual And Algorithmic Penalties From Google Can Be Daunting, Let Banc Help You On The Road To Recovery...

Penalty Recovery
Penalty Recovery

As Google and other search engines refine their services, they tweak the algorithms used to determine search results. In a bid to punish bad practice and unethical SEO techniques, Google regularly hands out penalties to sites acting unscrupulously. Brands and websites of all shapes and sizes can find themselves on the receiving end of a stern telling off from Google.

Confused Between Your Pandas, Penguins, Pigeons & Hummingbirds?

Penalty Recovery

Whether you have had a manual action from Google or simply noticed your traffic decline following an update, the effects of a penalty can be long-lasting and severe. Rather than serving time on the proverbial naughty step, before automatically recovering, websites are required to address the error of their ways and right their previous wrongs.

Recovering From a Penalty

Penalty recovery can be a long and lonely road, fraught with time-consuming tasks. Fortunately, our expert SEO team has extensive experience of helping websites recover from penalties, unethical link-building and poor SEO practice. Our manual auditing process lends itself perfectly to penalty recovery and we’ll create a tailor-made plan of technical and creative solutions to help return your website to its pre-penalty position.

Future Proof Your Website

Banc Media’s penalty recovery process involves more than plastering over the cracks – our service will help future proof and refine your website. Understanding Google’s long-term vision, our tactics and techniques are designed to please, rather than trick, the search engine giant.

Always keeping an ear to the ground, our SEO team are able to react quickly to algorithmic updates and new webmaster guidelines. We ensure that your website doesn’t fall foul of any penalties in the future.

Securing your long-term success in organic search is Banc Media’s overall aim, regardless of the changing SEO landscape.

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