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Technical SEO
Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the bedrock of every SEO campaign, ensuring our clients’ websites are healthy and optimised according to industry best practice. Technical SEO often provides quick wins and creates a foundation from which the more creative side of our work, including Content Marketing, can reach its full potential.

Our Process

The first task we carry out in an SEO campaign is evaluating the technical requirements of each webpage. Although we employ the assistance of a few trusted tools, the bulk of the technical SEO evaluation is completed manually, which gives us confidence that nothing is missed.

Following this process, we then compile a list of technical recommendations for your website’s development team to implement. Staying at the cutting edge of technical SEO, our recommendations are made to secure long-term visibility and success.

Our technical SEO team has significant web development experience, and can provide support wherever necessary. And if you’d prefer, you can even step away from the technical talk: we’ll deal directly with your development team, whether they’re in-house or external.

Why Banc Media?

Our team always keeps an ear to the ground, identifying the latest and most-effective white hat SEO techniques. Timely adoption of new SEO practices can future-proof your website from the effects of  algorithmic changes and updates.

Going one step further than traditional SEO campaigns, our technical team are happy to tackle even the largest legacies and link profiles. If you’ve previously been burnt by SEO agencies adopting black hat techniques or your current SEO practices are now sadly outdated, we’ll happily get stuck into your link profile and help you get your house back in order.

Combining technical knowledge with a personal touch, Banc Media’s flexible approach to SEO will help prioritise the most important jobs, marrying quick wins with long-term gains.

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